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The Story in Your Eye

The Story In Your Eyes

Every picture has a story. I suppose the madness started when I started giving titles to my works and the titles had lives of their own. Titles that were not descriptions but lead to stories and the stories were what I saw when I looked at the works. Give them time. Let them settle with you. You'll see it. You will see beyond the picture. To help you with that I now offer the literary companions of the exhibitited works. There might be some work involved on your part. You may have to think and I'm sorry but if you aren't willing to extend youerself here then you can go home. My work is for those who are uncomfortable enough with where they are to want to go and see something else.

* - all stories are under the copyright of Hunter Hilton Tapscott

The Abstractions Page:

This Is No Ordinary Love - I often wonder when I look at this image what other people think when they see it. This one is it, Baby. this is where I want to go. This abstraction brings out emotions in me that I didn't even know were there. My soul looks at the colour, the movement, the intensity and I say to myself, Hilton, this is no ordinary love. And, of course, it's not. It's a pull. A constant touch. When I get lost as I sometimes do, when I start to doubt if being an artist is really what I'm supposed to be doing I can look at this image and it's a spiritual beacon. It brings me back home. It says to me.......what else can you do? This is it, Baby. There is no other job on earth that holds such love, such power and joy. In quiet moments I can bring this image up in my mind and tears will come to my eyes. I am so lucky, so blessed to be able to create such a thing. I am the luckiest person on the face of this earth. All the gold and diamonds in the world can't touch this for me. Perhaps this life is my soul mate and I haven't been living alone for so long. At the very start, when this image came about in my Daytona Beach, Florida studio it was a part of a series of what I wanted to be Space Abstracts, shots I had taken down inside of a kaleidoscope. Well, the space thing never really worked out but it brought me to this, this silver-green image that I could barely turn away from. All of a sudden there's a stranger in the room that you've known all your life. A love that you've been missing and now you are united again. Because of that I am a little more complete and a little less crazy. The actual title came to me in the pre-dawn hours while I was driving north on Interstate 95. I was doing an outdoor art festival show in Jacksonville, Florida and to save from getting a hotel room I drove from Daytona Beach all three days of the festival. Here I was, mostly alone on the highway, driving a 1985 Honda Accord packed to the gills with artwork because I couldn't leave it in the tent and I slipped in some music. You must understand my favorite time of day is just before the sun comes up. That's when God and I have our best conversations, when my thoughts are the clearest and my emotions the barest. The music was the soul jazz singer Sade and she began singing, Didn't I give you all I've got to give, baby? Well, tears just started flowing down my face. I was married at the time but it came to me that up until then I didn't really know what love was, ordinary or extraordinary. But there I was, driving a hundred miles before dawn to a show I was probably going to lose money on and living a life that had no guarantee of any kind of financial success......and for what? It was for something I truly love, my art.

And you know.......I'm still driving.......

Hunter Hilton Tapscott


I Fear No Evil For I Am the Meanest Son Of A Bitch In This Valley - This story is under construction.


Everybody's Everything - This image originated many moons ago. It was a time when I was in my little garage by the beach in Florida and I was doing weird stuff with the camera. Blue Monkeys were flying from my butt. This work, from a kaleidoscope series I was doing, was born before it's time and by it's time I mean before I understood what it's all about and by all about I mean it's all about.......

Us......We.......the Collective.

Everybody IS Everything. We all came from the same place, we all go to the same place. What's hurting you is hurting me. I reap benefits from you reaping benefits. We already have what we are fighting for so why fight? I'm not suggesting that we all join hands and sing, a spoonful of sugar. After all, I'm a guy who as a kid and teenager played every sport I could, in part, to beat other people. And that's OK, winning and losing. It's part of the game. The sooner we all figure out though, that we are all on the same team,

I think the game is going to get more fun.

This piece swirls, starts to crank. It swings me around the outside a couple of times and then down into the center where all grades of stuff are going on. Ever seen a picture of the very start, I mean the very start of an atomic explosion? Harold Edgerton, the father of flash photography, was the first to photograph that event and the pictures are amazing. The images look like a soccer ball being inflated out of control with the seams distorting. It looks like the center of this picture. So I'm thinking that maybe that this is what the birth of a star looks like. The Big Bang. The beginning of, you know.......everything. After all, stars start as atomic explosions. So did we. All of us.

We are star children.

I think that's pretty cool.

Several of these prints have been produced, all in a different way. I want you to kind of jump off the mat and into the image. Once you're in the swirl you'll stay in motion. After all, we never stop. Change is constant, like a woman's mind. Can you feel the movement? Can you jump into this? Float around? Slowly at first.......and then gain speed towards the center before plunging into the mosh pit of creation?


Join the team you are already on.

Hunter Hilton Tapscott


Charlietown - This story is under construction.


The Essence of Cool - the essence of Cool. That's what Duke Ellington once said about Billie Holiday and if you've ever listened to the lady sing you can understand why such a thing was said. Billie Holiday's voice is like velvet. Rich and deep. Calm.......and cool. Like Blue. Blue is my favorite colour. Mix it with a few sprinkles of green or red and you have some fabulous opera for the eyes. But Blue, well, Blue by itself in all it's shapes and hues covers some pretty serious ground.

How about royalty? Blue Blood.

Blue is the colour of intuition.

It's devotion. True Blue.

Hanging your head today? Perhaps it's a Blue Monday.

Feeling sad? You've got the Blues.

Want the best? Perhaps some Blue chip stocks.

Flying away? Into the Blue?

Or the thought just came out of the Blue?

Blue is calming.......just chill baby.

And it's regular.......if you wear a Blue collar.

But the best Blue for me is Cool Blue, like Billie Holiday.

Cool baby.......yeah.



Hunter Hilton Tapscott


Welcome to the Jungle - Welcome to the Jungle. It gets stronger every day. We all have a Jungle. This one is mine. It's so strong in there that I have to keep a fence around it with an iron gate. What's in there is way too strong to be let out. I go in there all the time and it damn near kills me. That's why the gate is there. To keep the Jungle in and the unprepared out and to remind me to be ready for the wildness in there. A Jungle is a tough place to be. It's wild, uncontrollable.......and alive. 

   It's safe out here. We've got police, houses and nice little rules to keep everyone in their comfort zone. But not in there, not in the Jungle, baby. That's where all the real stuff is. You want a good look at yourself? Go ahead, go on in. Somewhere deep down inside you know what's in there and don't say I didn't warn you. I know others who go into their Jungle every day. I love, admire and respect those people.  They might be the most complete people on the planet. They know who they are which means they know how ugly they are, how beautiful they are, how stupid and how intelligent, how mean and how kind. It's all in there, every bit. Most people want just to see how good they are so they stay out here but in there you see it all.

That takes a lot of courage. A lot of strength. 

Artists go in all the time. That's their job. To me they are God's greatest warriors. Fearful but strong enough to to do it, to go in, always alone, to track an emotion, capture it and bring it out for the world to see so the world doesn't have to go in and risk it all. Artists risk it all. Their very lives are at stake, their sanity, virtually everything they have and they are volunteers. No one makes an artist do their work. They do it on their own. How many artists have you known or read about that are/were starving or crazy? Be thankful to those people. If they were just doing it for themselves then they'd keep the art at home and work for some little worthless boss. They'd have more money and would seem to fit in with society a bit more but the real artists don't do that. They put the work out there for you to see and experience. It's free to look at and to feel about it. What else can be done? Nobody has to buy it and rarely does anyone pay the artist ahead of time to create it. Like I said,

We are volunteers.

Some of us burn up in our own flame and we all know that's a possibility. But watch an artist. Put them in front of the gate and watch.......

They will go in.

They can't help it, it's who they are. You may want to wait at the gate because honestly most of them need a little help when they come back out. To be put back together again. But, no matter the cost the strong ones go back in, time after time. Why? Well, it's not always pain and not always joy but whatever it is it's to the max. You live it, you breathe it, you bath in it. You are it. That in itself is enough to keep me going back. If I can't own anything else then I'll own an emotion. I'll put it in a form you can look at. So what have I just said? I own an emotion and then give it away. I can't keep it. Artists don't actually own their own work. It belongs to everyone but artists are the ones who go into the Jungle to get it. Bless those people, give them a shout out for what they do sometimes.......and especially bless those people who wait at the gate.


Hunter Hilton Tapscott