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Soul Kitchen

   Back in the day, when I was shooting and printing just about anything I saw, a gallery owner in Key West agreed to take in some of my "travel" shots of the island and at my request he gave me a portfolio review. As we looked over my images from here to eternity and back he turned to me and said, "What, exactly is your portfolio? Which one of these says it's a Hunter Hilton Tapscott?" Well.......that was a good question. I was not a thoughtful photographer. Hilton shot 1st and asked questions later so I started reading books and talking to photographers who actually had portfolios. The answer was what I already had. It took some editing but in looking over the thousands of slides in my collection I saw and found a set of images that I didn't know was there. Amid the colours, the abstracts, the race cars and Harleys, the travel shots and the Still Life were these pictures of.......what? It was hard to say but everywhere I went I saw and photographed souls of a different nature. Statues, busts, paintings on walls and sides of buildings. All attempts of humans to try and create something alive through an inanimate object. No matter where I went I saw these objects, these attempts to mimic life. I had been shooting them for years and didn't realize it. I felt the life in them. I wondered of the artists who made them. I reveled in the fact that I had this portfolio. I call it The Soul Kitchen.

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