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One of a Kind Work

When your inspiration comes from painters it's easy to think of artwork as one of a kind. When I mat and frame now I make every effort to make each work unique and different. There's no way I'm going to cut up an original transparency to make the picture worth more and the idea of making an edition of say, 200 prints, and having them all look the same and then doing no more is an insult to the original piece. So, what can be done? Well, for starters every piece I do now of a particular image has something different to it. Sometimes I hide something in the matboard or frame. Sometimes it's a different paper I print on, say a Cibachrome and then a Metallic print. Then there are works like the ones below that cannot be repeated. Each one of the works below is an edition of ONE.

It Was A Blue Sedan Moving Through Art Deco American Dream Motorcycle Floor Screen The Colour of Rain

See how the matboard in the top left image is cut so lines of the photograph bleed all the way to the frame? Each one in that series had it's mat cut to bleed a different way so....... same image but different piece. The center top work is a floor screen filled with fifteen 8x10 transparencies I enlarged from slides of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. While it may still be possible for someone somewhere to do that I no longer have the resources myself and that screen is a one and done. Far top right was a custom cut mat mixed with original work and scraps from other pieces. Again, only one ever produced.

Big Rig Angels Come Out of the Sky and They Stand There! Oh No No No, I'm A Rocket Man

The big wheel is an abstraction of a racing Mustang at the Rolex 24 Hour Race. It wasn't going fast enough so I added some light trails behind the car. Just once. If you ever see the picture again it will be different. Next to the race car in the center is a custom cut mat with scrap Cibachrome prints on either side and projection proof angel faces in the middle. One and done. The Chrysler Building at the bottom right was put into a mat I just kept adding to. The matboard on the corners go 4 layers deep. I used a typewriter to make my title and placed it in 2 title windows along with 6 other windows within the mat. I never even printed another one.