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I Ripped That Beast, Sisters

I Ripped That Beast, Sisters - This image has won awards from Cary Photographic Artists and Raleigh's Visual Art Exchange. This version is a 16x20 Cibachrome print housed in a black shadowbox frame. The original shot was taken in Paris. It represents my response to a task set forth to me by my Spirits in which I had to learn to see in a new way in order to get where I wanted to go in my art.

$500.    added February 8th, 2011

Unfettered and Alive!

Maybe you'd call it a still life. I'm not really sure what to call it. It starts with an image taken of Herbie Mann. He's in concert at Ormond Beach, Florida by the Halifax River on the 4th of July. I printed him on black and white fiber and laid him down with art glass and a scrap metal flute. I then took a colour print of that and laid it down in a 18x24x3 black shadowbox frame with 81, maybe 82 wine corks and what you have is something quite unfettered and very alive!


$750.  -  added March 7th, 2011

Still Life

Still Life

The Nine Lives of Marz - a still life celebrating my 1st Russian Blue cat. A French lead crystal cat illuminated by a custom projected background. This is a 16x20 inch print placed into a 18x24x3 black shadowbox frame. 


$500.  -  added July 7th, 2011