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Have Camera, Will Travel

   Travel. One of the definitions of travel in the New Webster's Dictionary is journeys and a branch of literature describing such journeys. You could say this page is a collection of images describing my journeys and the reactions to what I saw. I've always had the wonderlust thanks in part to my parents who took my brother and I along on many trips when we were young. If it weren't for a childhood trip to Key West (we flew in my Dad's small plane) would I have ever moved there? I doubt it. The top 3 images here are looks at some of the places I have ended up. Far left, Paris, from the top of Notre Dame. The middle image was taken on a gravel road drive around Beech Mountain, North Carolina during one of my stays in the mountains and the far right picture is on Eden Street in Key West about a block and a half from where I lived.

From the Top of Notre Dame The Conversation Patience and Understanding

   On the bottom 3 images I'm going to take you on a journey within a journey. While the top 3 photographs depict the beauty and shape of a place the bottom 3 go deeper and we start to get into emotions. I came across this bottle wall (far left) while I was riding my bike around the city island that is Key West on a rare day off from my jobs. I'm sure I drooled. Glass moves me. When you put light on the far side of glass and look through the glass you see stuff that will turn your hair silver. Same with the middle image. You're looking through glass here, coke bottle thick, at the back of Musee D'Orsay in Paris. This shot had the audacity to win a Best in Show at the now world famous Cary Photographic Artists' 1st show in Cary, North Carolina. On the far right we have an image from Sunset Beach, North Carolina (the marsh side). When I look at it I think of my biggest mentor in art, Claude Monet. He said, Paint the colours, not the object. That's what you have here. There's nothing to focus on, just colour and light. 

Innervision I Ripped That Beast Sisters, I Killed Him Dead I Wish You Green Grass and High Tides Forever, My Friend